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Largest places in Suriname

The largest cities and places in Suriname at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Suriname.

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Largest places in Suriname
Paramaribo Paramaribo1.Paramaribo Paramaribo223,757
Lelydorp Lelydorp2.Wanica Wanica18,223
Brokopondo Brokopondo3.Brokopondo Brokopondo14,662
Nieuw Nickerie Nieuw Nickerie4.Nickerie Nickerie13,143
Moengo Moengo5.Marowijne Marowijne7,074
Nieuw Amsterdam Nieuw Amsterdam6.Commewijne Commewijne4,935
Marienburg Mariƫnburg7.Commewijne Commewijne4,427
Wageningen Wageningen8.Nickerie Nickerie4,145
Albina Albina9.Marowijne Marowijne3,985
Groningen Groningen10.Saramacca Saramacca3,216
Brownsweg Brownsweg11.Brokopondo Brokopondo2,696
Onverwacht Onverwacht12.Para Para2,105
Totness Totness13.Coronie Coronie1,685
Benzdorp (Monte Hermon) Benzdorp (Monte Hermon)14.Sipaliwini Sipaliwini600
Kabana-vo Kabana-vo15.Sipaliwini Sipaliwini120

1 - 15 of 15 places

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